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Dark Mode Everywhere is out! 🎉

Turn every webpage into dark mode, reducing eye strain and enhancing your browsing. The most seamless and user-friendly dark theme extension. Every website gets a night look, automagically!

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Domain Whitelist – reviews

✍🏻 User reviews

  • Easy to use. Web sites are loaded with a speed of light. Needs some time for configuration in the beginning but after that just works.
    — dalbocha
  • This is the best thing that happened to me since deleting social media accounts. This extensions saves me so many minutes every day :) I stopped web browsing altogether. Now I just use internet to check mail, work related stuff and some shopping :).
    — Paweł Chojnacki
  • simple and easy to use has solved all my issues with unwanted pages and tabs opening
    — CheapsKate
  • Takes a few clicks at the beginning, but then it gets very effective. (Don't forget to use as many wildcards [*] as possible in your filter!)
    — Simon Schmid

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Every website gets a night look, automagically!

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