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Hi Volume Master friend! 👋🏻

Volume Master is a pay what you like software. You can use it for free, forever. 😉
Here's a fun thought: a new set of quality speakers might set you back more than a hundred dollars, and a fancy new computer? Even more. But what if you could support something you love and use regularly?
If you really like Volume Master, you can support its development and get premium 800 % volume boost. It's up to you and it's absolutely ok if you don't want to and stay with standard 600 % volume boost. Thank you and have a nice day! ☀️

One-time payment

Get a forever lasting 800% volume boost for less than the price of a movie ticket.


Support Volume Master on a monthly basis, enjoying an 800% volume boost for less than your favorite monthly magazine subscription, all while knowing you're contributing to the continual improvement of something you love.
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Note: All the apps I create are ad-free and tracking-free. That's the way I think it should be.