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Domain Blocker

Helps you hide ads, avoid tracking, load pages faster, fight procrastination
Domain Blocker is written to be as efficient as possible, in terms of speed (CPU) and memory (RAM).
The main idea is that there's little meaning to use predefined blocklist consisting of tens of thousands rules when you'll ever use only small percentage of it. In Domain Blocker you build the blocklist as you go along.

🚀 Hide ads

  • ⭐️ By blocking advertisement domains you disable the display of some of those pervasive ads

🚀 Avoid tracking

  • ⭐️ By blocking tracking domains you prevent the services to acquire information about your browsing behaviour

🚀 Load pages faster

  • ⭐️ By blocking unnecessary domains (requests) you save traffic and make pages loading faster!

🚀 Fight procrastination

  • ⭐️ Just keep out and... do more!

✍🏻 User reviews

  • Best blocker extension on the store. Super useful, powerful, and easy to use. Frequent updates and lately tons of optimization.
    — Kyle Lamothe (Alscenic)
  • Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Love the possibility to use wildcards. Replaced my adblocker and solved some problems with certain sites. Thanks for this useful tool.
    — Marko Lange
  • Simple. Copied a list of sites I want blocked, pasted it into the extension, and those sites are blocked. No limits on number of sites blocked, like BlockSite has (they limit you to just 6 in the free version!) Thanks!
    — Judy Johnson

👨🏻‍💻 Support

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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