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Turn every webpage into dark mode, reducing eye strain and enhancing your browsing. The most seamless and user-friendly dark theme extension. Every website gets a night look, automagically!

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Volume Master – reviews

✍🏻 User reviews

  • Honestly the most useful extension I have, right up there with adblock.
    — Rob Revercomb
  • It's really good! I was a little surprised that it worked out so well. The quality doesn't change, but the volume does go higher and that's its intended purpose!
    — xDslayersDx
  • Awesome! I wasted money on a speaker for my laptop that didn't help at all. I was doubtful about this extension but decided to give it a try. I LOVE it! It really works to boost volume and I also like how you're able to control the volume in different tabs separately.
    — Stankapus Heaux
  • As you get older the hearing starts fading, This app is awesome, I can hear videos so much better since I installed the app.
    — Dan Fitzgerald
  • Always bothered me that chrome had lower volume than all my music programs. This fixes it. Cheers to the devs and everyone who makes free stuff!
    — M C
  • Almost perfect. I'm classed as 'Clinically Deaf' which means with the help of an implant and hearing aids I still have a limited amount of hearing ( well for now anyway!) so an extension like this is, quite literally, a life changer for me as there is no max setting on my laptop or any site or streaming service ( YT/ Netflix etc that enables me to be able to hear content.
    — C2K
  • Perfect - now I can adjust volume to exactly what I need on each site.
    — Ruth Staggs

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