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Dark Mode Everywhere is out! 🎉

Turn every webpage into dark mode, reducing eye strain and enhancing your browsing. The most seamless and user-friendly dark theme extension. Every website gets a night look, automagically!

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Volume Master updated - voice & bass boost!

This update brings a series of new features and improvements, including voice and bass boost, controlling volume with mouse wheel, new keyboard shortcuts, and more!

🎤 Voice boost

Now you can boost voices with the new voice boost preset, making them easier to hear. This can be useful if you're watching a video with quiet dialogue or listening to a podcast.

Voice boost - default Voice boost - hover

🚀 Bass boost

If you're listening to music, you can now boost the bass with the new bass boost preset. It's a great way to add some extra oomph to your audio experience!

Just be careful when combining this preset with the volume boost, as it can make your audio sound distorted. Maxing it all out can be fun, but it's not recommended.

Voice boost - default Voice boost - hover

⌨️ New keyboard shortcuts

You can activate voice and bass boost with the keyboard shortcuts too.
  • Press D for default mode (no boost).
  • Press V for voice boost.
  • Press B for bass boost.

🖱️ Control volume with mouse wheel

You can now control the volume with your mouse wheel. Just hover over the volume slider and scroll up or down.

❤️ Unlock 800% volume with your support!

Enjoying Volume Master? Consider supporting its development for more innovative updates. As a thank you, you'll unlock an exclusive 800% volume boost. Every bit of support makes a big difference! Support & Unlock 800% volume boost

📬 Any questions?

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact me.
Thank you and have a nice day! ☀️

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